Zac Staggs allegedly no longer a Proud Boy definitely still a fascist

Zac Staggs allegedly no longer a Proud Boy definitely still a fascist

Zachary Thomas Staggs has long been the primary organizer for the Proud Boys in Seattle but several months ago he all but disappeared. He has deleted all of his social media posts, pictures and Youtube videos related to his involvement with the Proud Boys however considerable evidence of his involvement with the group remains.


Zac is pictured here in June 2019 protesting an LGBT event with convicted child abuser Bryan Josh Hanks and Boeing employees Daniel Scott Lyons and Justin David Lux. All 4 are admitted Proud Boys members.



Zac has been filmed in the black and gold Fred Perry polo and PB laurels hat sported by Proud Boys attire several times. The Black and Gold Fred Perry is for members second rank and above only.

Seattle Cal Anderson Park 7/28/19




Tacoma Tollefson Plaza 8/11/19


Seattle Westlake Park 9/29/19

On August 4th Staggs, Josh Hanks and other Proud Boys spent hours harassing a “Border convergence event” with traveling speakers about the situation on the southern border. Afterwards they traveled to Occidental park where they attempted to enter Fuel bar frequented by the Emerald City Supporters. The soccer club had been vocally supportive of antifascism. After being denied entry they attacked Sounders fans leaving the game for wearing the Iron Front symbol used by antifascist groups.  That incident was covered by Sounder at Heart and the Seattle Times. 


Post by Gorilla FC warning fans of racist violence outside the stadium.

Seattle Occidental Park 8/4/19


Staggs claims attacks were justified because Sounders fans support antifascists.


Staggs attempts to deflect attention from his attack on a soccer fan by denouncing violence on Facebook.



Josh Hanks claimed the Proud Boys would return for more violence.


Not content with political violence and marches alone Staggs and the Seattle Proud Boys lent muscle to “Referendum 88” the campaign to deny minorities legal protection against discrimination in Washington state. Assisting Staggs was outed Ballard neo-Nazi and distributor of Atomwaffen propaganda Sean Scott shown here to the right of Staggs.

Community Alert: Neo-Nazi Proud Boy Sean-Michael David Scott Exposed

Staggs has not been seen at an event since September 29th when Joey Gibson and the Proud Boys held and event in Seattle’s Westlake park. Proud Boy Kyle Tautfest was arrested for fighting after defending Staggs in a stunning display of cowardice by Staggs. Shortly after this incident rumors circulated online that Zac was no longer a member of the Proud Boys. This was the confirmed on social media by several active members. The incident was filmed by GOP governor candidate Anton Sakharov and posted to his Twitter account.


Staggs has a history of re-branding his social media and even group names to escape scrutiny for his racist antics. Blackout Media, Hard Facts, Correct The Record, @TheMAGAGuard, Patriots of Washington, RedPillSeattle, @GretaWatch and @TenebrisSanctus are all operated by or in in part by Zac Staggs. However there is one damning piece of evidence he will never be able to scrub away…. In order to advance to the 3rd “degree” or rank in the Proud Boys organization Zachary Staggs got a “Proud Boy” tattoo on his right bicep.

His current online persona is @TenebrisSanctus which is Latin for “Dark Saint” and his profile is obvious glorification of mass killers who fascist chan board and Telegram channels have labelled “Saints”. Dylan Roof, Brenton Tarrant and Timothy McVeigh are just a few of the mass killers revered by the fascist far-right and given the “saint” title. Staggs’s many allusions to a deeper fascist belief than the Proud Boys publicly espouse is of deep concern. His references to mass killers are equally troubling.


It is unknown if Staggs will be present at the January 5th rally being held by Washington 3% militia as the group has publicly denounced him and other members of the Proud Boys in the past.  Though the Proud Boys and Washington 3% appear to have severed ties with him Staggs is and always will be a Proud Boy and a fascist. … …

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